03 September 2013

What happens in Vegas…

IMAG1197-1This July, Jeff performed A SLIGHT DISCOMFORT as the keynote speaker for the Myriad Genetics’ Conference in Henderson, Nevada.  Since it wasn’t actually Vegas, we are under no obligation to keep it on the down low.
“Absolutely the best keynote speaker Myriad has ever had by far!”
“I went from crying to laughing about a dozen times.  It was a beautiful and touching piece of work.”
“Every doctor, intern and staff member in every hospital should see this play.  It’s important.”
“The play tied into everything we believe in as a company.  Metcalf hit this one out of the park.”
“I hope ‘A Slight Discomfort’ comes to Seattle. Please, make it happen.”
“My mother has colon cancer and she went through everything Professor Metcalf went through.  She would have loved this play.  I hope she can see it someday.”
“To stand up and tell such a personal story was truly an act of bravery.”
Thank you to everyone at the Myriad Conference for your support.

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