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11 September 2013

Notes from the road

Notes from the road by Jeff Metcalf ‘A Slight Discomfort’ in Rochester, New York September 9-12, 2013   Rochester carries the weight of many of our cities on its rounded shoulders.  The once thriving city and home to American multinational and international icon Kodak is tired and broken.  Kodak, formerly the largest employer in Rochester […]

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03 September 2013

What happens in Vegas…

This July, Jeff performed A SLIGHT DISCOMFORT as the keynote speaker for the Myriad Genetics’ Conference in Henderson, Nevada.  Since it wasn’t actually Vegas, we are under no obligation to keep it on the down low. “Absolutely the best keynote speaker Myriad has ever had by far!” “I went from crying to laughing about a […]

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01 March 2011

Success in San Diego!

Thank you to everyone that came out to the ASRT conference to see the play. It was a full house with over 2,000 doctors, survivors and audience members making it one of our best shows yet! If you missed this show don’t worry there are plenty more performances coming up this year.

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