From Doctors

  • We were informed, entertained, and moved.” – David N. Sundwall, MD, Executive Director, Utah Department of Health
  • Wow!” – Steven N. Gange, MD, Western Urological Clinic
  • As a Urologist and Prostate Cancer Educational Consultant, this play is a “must see” for all men with the dilemma of choosing best treatment options when they have a new diagnosis of Prostate Cancer. That said, all men afraid of PSA screening and those men treated for Prostate Cancer would benefit as well. All hospitals dealing with Prostate Cancer, Oncology Centers and Urological Societies would benefit from this “to the Point” play. I enjoyed it immensely and learned something in the one hour humorous, but serious play, even though I have been in practice for over 40 years.” – Jerrold Sharkey, MD

From Survivors & Family

  • Well, in spite of the subject matter; this is funny. I am still trying to find humor in the death of others whom I’ve lost to cancer but this was like a glass of wine with a sip of benadryl, it makes it go down without leaving an after taste at the back of the tongue and the slumber is ever so much kinder. Thank you so much for this piece.
Brothers please get checked and speak to one another.” – Rhonda C.
  • Metcalf has always been a force to be reckoned with… This radio theater piece couldn’t have been better with William Hurt playing the part; the inflection of the voice captures Jeff’s tenor perfectly … The story is powerful and important and amusing.” – Tony B.
  • I am writing as one of those concerned wives you mentioned. I’m always bugging my 53 year old husband to catch up on his physical exams, especially the prostate exam. Way too many years go by in between.” – Karen

From the Press

  • Skillful balance of humor and emotion…” – The Salt Lake Tribune
  • It’s part of a surprisingly rich body of drama on cancer, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Wit by Margaret Edson.” – St. Petersburg Times
  • …actor Paul Kiernan has the daunting task of bringing … Metcalf’s words to life, which he does with a wonderful mix of humor, fear, vulnerability and defiance. Kiernan really shines…” – Deseret News

From the Audience

  • … I had a big experience in a small space … I just wanted to see it all unfold and see what unexpected places I’d be taken. I’m not sure one could ask more from theatre than this experience of feeling riveted and, paradoxically, being carried.” – Kathryn Bond Stockton, Professor of English, University of Utah
  • … you have created something here that is topical but also lasting – not only the immediate human condition but the human condition in general – the stuff of which great literature consists.” – Gene Fitzgerald, Professor Emeritus of Russian, University of Utah
  • … a joy and a privilege…” – Thomas H. Eastwood
  • … moving beyond words…” – J. Reed Stewart
  • … beautiful and poignant accomplishment … a masterwork … his play is funny, irreverent, challenging, sad, tender, and daring: All of which are characteristic of true art.” – Maximilian Werner, University Writing Program, University of Utah
  • A brilliant piece of writing. I cringed and laughed, but mostly cried. I also understood a lot more than I had been told. Thank you.” – Julie
  • I just want to thank you. I know just how hard it is in Utah to be open about prostate Cancer. Even though I just turned 50 I think maybe a check would be good in my future. I’m still Scared.” – Val
  • It scared the hell out of me while making me laugh and then slapped me in the face… It was about that thing most intimate and frightening to a man, the thing I can not even mention now. Metcalf wrote about it and confessed everything to all men, and women. And in the end he still had cancer. I was blown away.” – Scott Carrier
  • …a suspenseful story brilliantly told, moving and funny.” – Larry Massett