The Documentary

Filmmaker Patrick Selvage is currently creating a documentary on Jeff’s journey and A SLIGHT DISCOMFORT.  Please support this process and join the fight!

To support the documentary, make checks out to:  ‘A Slight Discomfort’ and mail to: Jeff Metcalf/255 So. Campus Drive, LNCO 3500/Salt Lake City, Utah 84112.  A charitable tax donation receipt will be sent directly to you.


Patrick Selvage was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1980. The son of an architect and interior designer, he was brought up in an environment full of composition and symmetry that would later influence his ideals on filmmaking. In 1999 Patrick came to Boulder, Colorado for his BFA in film. It was here that Patrick learned to love the films of Almodovar, Altman, Kubrick, and Kurosawa. Patrick quickly adopted the “you get what you put in” mentality and with his peers began to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking hands on.

By his Junior year Patrick had received grants from the Utah Arts and Humanities Council and the Boulder Arts Commission for his documentaries. In 2001 he earned the Goldfarb Best Student Film Award for his dramatic short film “Mother Sun”. Soon after his Grillo nominated short “Blanket” Patrick was hired as the cinematographer for the film “One and the Same” shot entirely on location in China for which he won the Best Cinematography award at the Starz First Look Film Festival.

Patrick has since worked with CBS Sports, Ironman, Gaiam, R/West, Sundance Film Festival, Dex, Pepsi and Crocs. He was employed by a post-house in New Mexico as the in-house editor for 6 years before moving onto Directing and Cinematography. Taking from Kurosawa’s idea of “a good director must have knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking” Patrick has worked on over 40 projects experiencing every job on the set, as well as pre and post-production. Outside of film production Patrick owns the independent record label Sao Bento Music where he is engaged in every aspect of independent music production, recording, and distribution.